Alexis Boutillier

We arrived in San Diego and first took a rental to have time to search for the perfect home to buy. We then start discussing with Camille who was refereed to us by our moving company and immediately we felt very comfortable with her. We discussed our expectation and the price tag that we were looking for and she helped us to refine it by showing us different property that were available. She was always available to visit a home any day. We first found an house that was “good enough” and she followed us along the negotiation giving good advise on the state of the house and everything we should look for in it. Finally we moved out of this house because there was too much work to do compare to what we were comfortable with. At that time she comforted us stating that we will find the perfect house and that we had the time to search for it. And she was right, we found the perfect house for which we felt in love a bit later. But this was not the end but only the beginning of negotiation and then administrative paper once the offer was accepted. As first home buying this part quickly start to be scary seeing the amount of money and engagement we are making and Camille helped and supported us all along the way making it seems like a cool river that you can enjoy. At the end, we were extremely pleased with the expertise, skills, availability and counsel from Camille . A lot of her knowledge really appear after the fact when you wonder how you could have done any of it without her and how we were able to obtain all the things that were important for us.

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