July 3, 2017
July 10, 2017

2017’s Happiest Places to Live:
San Diego ranked #7

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How much does where you live influence your happiness?

The pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right of all people.  But as everyone discovers at some point, happiness is not so easy to achieve — unless, perhaps, you’re in a place where it is not only a state of being but also a way of life.

Location indeed plays a hand in our pursuit of such an elusive condition. For years, researchers have studied the science of happiness and found that its key ingredients include a positive mental state, healthy physique, strong social connections, job satisfaction and financial well-being. However, there’s a caveat on that last one: Wealth follows happiness — but only up to an income level of $75,000 a year. Any higher, and money ceases to influence a person’s contentment with life.

“A study by WalletHub aiming to illustrate how location influences overall happiness concludes – we can either attain or merely aspire to a happy life, depending on where we choose to live.”

WalletHub’s data team drew upon the various findings of positive-psychology research in order to determine which among 150 of the largest U.S. cities is home to the happiest people in America. We examined each city based on 30 key indicators of happiness, ranging from depression rate to income-growth rate to average leisure time spent per day. Read on for our findings, methodology and expert commentary from a panel of researchers.

To see which states combine all the necessary components of happiness, check out WalletHub’s report on the Happiest States in America.

San Diego Overall Rank: 7
Total Score: 65.80
Emotional & Physical Well-Being: 8
Income & Employment: 7
Community & Environment: 40
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